Customer Experience
Service Design

20 years' experience.

I'm a web-veteran, started already in 1995 creating first applications for the web. Current and past companies Visual Systems, Tieto, Nokia, Sanoma. Project management, Consultant, Concept designer...

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Customer Experience officer 2016 -

My latest role @Sanoma is to create a common CX framework, enhance customer experience across all brands and products.

Big Data concept designer 2013 - 2016

I’m from the big data team in Sanoma corporation; CDA-team (Consumer data and analytics). My passion and duty is to understand the media business, how it is changing, how we could boost retention, engagement, cross-sell and create new business opportunities with advanced analytics. Traditionally that means interacting with the business units, media brands, discuss about their core businesses and products – create ideas and pilot them within a short period of time.

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Serious programming

#Vapepatutka, Puskaradio #iOS, Android, Windows Phone #Never coded for living #Raspberry pi SMS gateway #conventional lamp stack #3D, VR and games #Unreal Engine Game editor #Virtual Reality experiments #3D blender #Motion capture AR videos #Drummer #SoundCloud #Mac, keyboards, midi, Garage band #CMX #Quadro Copter tuning #Arduino tweaking #Gaming #Power boating...

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I'm good at

  • Customer Experience
  • Service Design
  • Converting business needs into a concept
  • Illustrate concepts
  • Create working protos of concept ideas, fast
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Specialized in Big Data concept work
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My values.

Build a long term relationship with the employer to build concepts and solutions to achieve business targets and provide meaningful, breathtaking user experiences.

Earn trust and success from co-workers and the company management trough diferent consumer projects using ”hands-on – keep it simple” way of working.

All this can be achieved with a strong experience of several it-projects, companies, culture diferences, challenges, special features and possibilities.

All this with years experience of Big Data and Global mobile plus media business environments.

Everything with pure can-do attitude!

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#Consumer behavior data capture #Big data utilization #Data protection and privacy principles #Consumer Relationship Management #Content and marketing relevancy #Contextually aware consumer concepts